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Frontera is committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality, affordable AAV gene products


Thanks to a strong R&D team, Frontera completed strategic product deployment that covers key therapeutic areas of rare and chronic genetic diseases. New programs are being added to enrich our pipeline based on unmet medical needs and advancement in science and technology. The most advanced programs are in late stage pre-clinical development.

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药品编号 治疗领域 药品研发 临床前 临床试验
FT-001 眼科
FT-002 眼科
FT-003 眼科
FT-004 血液
FT-005 血液
FT-006 代谢
FT-007 神经肌肉
FT-008 眼科
FT-009 眼科
FT-010 神经肌肉
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